What is the GYROTONIC® method all about?

The GYROTONIC® (pronounced jie-ro-tah-nik) Method uses fluid rhythmic movements to release tension around joints, creating a balance of strength and mobility. The name (gyro means circle, tonic means healing) gives a clue to the origins of the movement which was developed in the 1970s by dancer Juliu Horvath to rejuvenate his own body after a series of debilitating injuries. The movements offer similar benefits that are also derived from dance, swimming, tai chi and yoga. This is the short version of what the method is.

What Are The Benefits of Doing GYROTONIC® Exercises

Promotes strong, lean muscles

Enhances joint mobility and articulation

Complements/supplements physical therapy and other rehabilitative bodywork

Strengthens the nervous system

Increases circulation of blood, lymphatic fluids, and energy

Increases flexibility, coordination, and balance

Frees the body of pain and restrictions

Helps to slow the aging process throught mental and physical stimulation and regeneration

Helps prevent osteoporosis

I became a certified trainer in the GYROTONIC® Method in February 2016. For FAQs about the GYROTONIC® Method, click here. To set up an appointment click here.


Private 60-minute session: $85.00
Package of 10 sessions: $800

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I was unfamiliar with Gyrotonic until my doctor said he thought my many physical health issues could improve greatly from it. He referred me to Julie specifically, and I cannot say how grateful I am that he did. Under her thoughtful, knowledgeable, and passionate guidance and care, I have made truly unbelievable improvements in more ways than I even expected. What I love about Gyrotonic is that there are always modifications that can be used to tailor plans around anyone’s limitations. It’s also a practice that has endless ways to keep building upon progress more and more. I think anyone and everyone could find immense benefit from Gyrotonic, and Julie is the absolute best to introduce them to it!


Age 31

I first started working with Julie several years ago for Hellerwork because of a recommendation from my osteopathic physician. Julie has been instrumental in my recovery from a severe back injury. It was her myofascial work that gave me freedom of movement and freedom from pain. I continue to work with her in as my gyrotonic instructor to continue to build strength and stability into my body. Julie is amazing!


Age 61