Julie skillfully brings Hellerwork together with her knowledge of anatomy to create a customized treatment for her clients. I have found her work to be effective in helping some of my patients to experience relief from pain or postural deviation in their bodies. I have personally benefited from her outstanding work for many years.

-Dr. Jay Sandweiss, DO Ann Arbor

After having just 3 sessions with Julie, I found that it was easier for me to get into postures at my yoga class. I had no pain during the stretches, which is a change from how I felt before seeing her. After the class my instructor came to me and said that she was very impressed with how nice my form was during the class! This past Monday she said that I looked like a different person doing yoga now. I also have a new awareness of my posture when I stand or sit. The changes are visible and have been making a big difference in my everyday life. Thank you.

-Gaby, South Bend, IN

The work with Julie was very relaxing and informative.

-Melinda, Farmington Hills, MI

Julie is both knowledgeable and professional. Working with her has been very educational and I have learned more about my body, balance, posture and breathing.

-Heather, Chelsea, MI

My experience working with Julie has been very enlightening. Learning how my body works in conjunction with external surroundings has been the best part of the sessions. I have also learned a lot about my own body and how it works together as a whole. Looking at current photos compared to photos from the beginning of my Hellerwork series has reinforced visually the changes that I feel in my body.

-Kelly, Ann Arbor, MI

I admit that I was skeptical at first as to how much of a change I would feel in my body, but I have experienced changes in my posture as well as an overall positive feeling of wellness in my body. I look forward to seeing the final results after I finish my Hellerwork series with Julie.

-Jordan, Ann Arbor, MI

Julie has given me advanced work that has significantly helped me with a persistent alignment problem that was beginning to give me pain in my knees. I am so excited to begin to see her on a regular basis!

-Anne, Ann Arbor, MI

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