The aim of Hellerwork is to become increasingly free of set patterns, both mentally and physically, to allow you to move with more ease and flexibility in your body. The Hellerwork process includes the following aspects in each session:


The majority of the session is spent doing deep-tissue bodywork to help release the chronic tension and rigidity in your body.

Movement Education

Your practitioner will assess the way you use your body in walking, sitting, standing, etc. This will help give you more awareness of how you may use your body differently to maintain the positive changes from the bodywork.


Discussion with your practitioner throughout the session will give you more awareness of postures and emotional states that may be contributing to your pain and discomfort.


An image showing before symptoms and after benefits of Hellerwork treatment.

Structural Medicine

Structural Medicine has its roots in the science of physical therapy and pain relief. Using a system of myofascial length tests, specific areas of tension and muscular imbalance can be determined. Your practitioner is then able to develop a customized treatment plan specific to your health need.

Often, the area of imbalance in the body is the cause of the client’s pain while not always appearing symptomatic. Your practitioner will strive to address your pain not in isolation but by approaching the body as a whole integrated unit.