Accepted form of payment is cash or check

90-minute session: $165.00
2-hour session: $215.00
Package of 10 (90-minute) sessions: $1,350.00


How is Structural Medicine and Hellerwork different from massage?

Generally, with massage you receive a head-to-toe treatment with every session. However, with Structural Medicine and Hellerwork I focus deeply and specifically on the area of imbalance in your body. I focus on treating the cause rather than the symptoms.

How do you know what is imbalanced or out of alignment in my body?

I have been trained to look at the alignment and posture of the body. Based on my understanding of anatomy and function, I have a good starting point of what exactly might be imbalanced in the body. Then, with a series of myofascial length tests, I am able to specifically understand your body and what muscle groups need to change position, shape or length in order to give you more structural balance.

What is the range of problems that you see in your practice?

Some specific conditions that I have experience working with and have seen positive results are fibromyalgia, repetitive strain injuries, pelvic floor dysfunction, scoliosis, coccyx pain, frozen shoulder and general limited range of motion. Clients with chronic pain of any sort can begin to find relief with Hellerwork and Structural Medicine.

How many sessions do I need before I will feel a difference?

The amount of change you will experience depends on the level of restriction in your body. I expect you should begin to feel a difference within 1-3 sessions. I often suggest a series of 10 sessions spread over a 2-4 month period to establish more long- term results.

Do you do hour-long sessions?

I typically do 90-minute sessions. This allows time for me assess your body through muscle length testing and observation, along with the hands-on portion of the bodywork. The bodywork is focused and in-depth and it is my experience that clients are able to thoroughly let go of stress and be involved in the process when we do a longer session. Some clients even decide to have 2-hour appointments.