How Balance Works

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Remember last week when I said that I balance on one foot every day when I brush my teeth? Still going at it….here’s how balance works.

There is constant communication going on between your eyes, inner ear, muscles, joints and brain, providing feedback about your position in space. When you stand on one leg or stand on an unstable surface, your brain, nerves, muscles, and inner ear have to work harder. And when you close your eyes and take away the visual, it’s like sitting on a 4 legged stool and taking away a leg. You take away a key sense, so everything else has to work wayyyyy harder to maintain the balance.

D rum roll, balance begins in your core. Not just your abs – think strong hips, ankles and glutes too. When your core muscles are weak, you are more prone to falls and injury. One more bonus…. good balance leads to faster reflexes, so if you do start to fall you might be able to stop yourself or make the landing softer. Bottom line – better balance = better coordination, stronger muscles and faster reflexes – which translates to improved performance in cycling, walking, golf, tennis, running, and so on.

There really are many benefits from improving your balance, especially if you are getting up there in years. When your balance improves, your coordination improves.

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